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Handcrafted & Repurposed Items Make “The Roost” a Place to Flock To

​You can’t mistake the bird and tropical theme at Bogey Macaws American Grille (a Macaw is a tropical bird, in case you weren’t sure). So when the idea came about to create a “hideaway” for adults within the family fun restaurant, it was fitting to affectionately name it “The Roost”.  If you read Webster, he’ll probably tell you that it’s a place where birds meet and flock to at night when they rest.  So in the case of our non-feathered friends, The Roost would become a place for adults (our “birds”) to gather and flock to at the end of their day. 

Inspiration came from Mark DeRose, Special Projects Manager for Heritage Hospitality and Musician for “Mark DeRose and The Way Home”.  The look of the bar came from visits to the Maryland and Delaware shore(s), in particular Rehoboth Beach, Delaware with their variety of downtown shops and vendors. The feel of the whole bar is to make the guests feel as though they are at the beach on the boardwalk. The lounge area, right next to The Roost , is Tin Tin’s Lounge, a place that reminds you of a beer distribution company. 

With its unique look, The Roost has many “green” features.  Many of the items have been repurposed including bottle caps, beer labels, six pack cases and standard cases, old banquet chairs and beer taps.  Have a seat on the decommissioned kegs (it’s your barstool!) or view the list of specials on an old surfboard, repurposed with chalkboard paint. The bar is nothing short of amazement with almost all of these items handcrafted.

Although our human friends can migrate to The Roost to engage in feathery fun, it’s still taking shape as new projects and items are being created.  The conception came about in October 2011 and is continuing its creative development to include new features like bird houses made out of bottle caps and labels and candle votives made from beer bottles.  So don’t wait; fly into The Roost and see what it’s all about. Perhaps you’ll find yourself nesting there for quite some time…

For more information, contact Alyssa Reigart, Marketing Brand Manager at (717) 755-0123 Ext. 605 or at Alyssa.Reigart@hhgr.com

Bogey Macaws American Grille is part of the Heritage Hospitality Family of Restaurants. In addition to Bogey’s, Heritage also owns and operates Knickers Pub and Ironwoods Restaurant located at Heritage Hills Golf Resort; Loxley’s Restaurant located at Heritage Hotel Lancaster; and Maewyn’s Irish Pub in downtown York.