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Black Rhino Laser Tag

Answer the call of battle! Experience the next generation of tactical laser combat!

Black Rhino Laser Tag

Infiltrate our Crash Ops command and join your fellow warriors in a new era of laser competition,Black Rhino Laser Tag. Our advanced combat technology includes realistic metal, high-tech weaponry with advanced sights, and objective-based game play without typical laser tag vests, plastic weapons or black lights. Designed for stealth, our tagging sensors are lightweight and worn on your head. On our powerful battleground, most players will be outfitted with the Stinger, a maneuverable and versatile weapon well suited for the extreme tactics and technology of the game. With weapons for every style of player, you may also be outfitted with a realistic M-4, AK-47 or fully automatic Stinger Compact. Player’s gear choice includes four tagging devices and two props so you are mission ready!

Your team is your battle unit, utilize tactical strategy such as deploying a sniper to lay down cover fire or infiltrating the enemy base to secure your objective. Take care and take cover – if you can see the enemy, they can see you! Each weapon features a red-dot sight with unparalleled accuracy.

Win or lose, you are a team! A typical session consists of three to four missions on our outdoor/indoor battle ground, each with a specific combat objective, and scoring is based on team performance. The team format also makes Black Rhino Laser Tag perfect for birthday parties and group team building, up to 20 people can play at a time. Seize the moment and secure your place on our battlefield!