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Leadership Training

Core Leadership Training

Leadership Training

Heritage Hills Resort has partnered with Core Leadership Training to provide team building opportunities for your group, company or organization.

Core Leadership Training can help you put the puzzle pieces together!

What Is Core Leadership Training?

The Core Leadership Training team has identified eight disciplines that are the core of personal and corporate development. Using these 8 disciplines, they will help you focus on overcoming obstacles so that you can move from good to great to excellent.

Select the Best Program for Your Organization

  • Level 1:  An action-packed one-day seminar which introduces the eight disciplines. Each discipline is explained using the unique Core Leadership training program and is reinforced with hands-on exercises and workshops.
  • Level 2: Customized to meet your needs, implemented in 11 2-hour sessions starting with a behavioral style assessment. The following sessions take an in-depth look at each of the eight disciplines. Finally, you will end by bringing all of the pieces together, creating focal points for your group to achieve more.
  • Level 3: This program is devoted to challenging corporate owners & executives by making sure all eight disciplines are being utilized to ensure growth from good to great to excellent!

For more information including pricing and to schedule your session, call the sales team at (717) 755-0123 Ext 199.