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Green Efforts at Heritage Hills Resort

Green Efforts at Heritage Hills Resort

​At Heritage Hills Resort, we understand the importance of our environment. That is why each and every day, we make a conscious effort to not only be green on the course, but to be green at our resort, to ensure our environment is one to make a lasting impression.

The golf course provides 144 acres of green grass and trees. The water from our pond in front of the 18th green is used for all of our irrigation efforts and for creating the hill for AvalancheXpress, our winter attraction at the resort. 

There are 32,000 feet of polybutylene (a form of plastic resin) under the ground out front of the hotel. The ground always stays around 55 degrees and acts as a heat source and heat sink. Because of this temperature, less energy is used to heat and cool the building. 

Our resort is geothermal in the use of heating and air conditioning. There are no exhaust fans or vents and in turn, no harmful fumes are released into the environment and no energy is wasted. And, instead of natural gas, we use electricity. 

From a user standpoint, there is an AC unit in every room of the hotel that acts as central air, set to a temperature as opposed to a typical AC unit. The rooms also have low flow commodes, utilizing turbo flush units. 

Green decision making is key in our day to day operations at Heritage Hills Resort. By doing so, we help to preserve our Resort for the many generations that have yet to come.