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Bill Brander - PGA Head Golf Professional

Bill Brander

Bill Brander has been the PGA Head Golf Professional at Heritage Hills Golf Resort and Springwood Golf Club since January 2006. Brander was elected to Membership in The Professional Golfers Association on November 3, 2006 after a six-year apprenticeship. Prior to that he was an Assistant Golf Professional at Heritage Hills as of March 2000. Brander was a Manager with the U.S. Postal Service for 24 years and served in the U.S. Air Force for 11 years. He retired from Civil Serice in 2005 with 35 years of service.

Brander's teaching philosophy is based on a quote from Tony Lema, a great player and teaching professional. He said, "Golf is not a simple game, but it must be taught in a simple manner."

Our Golf Clinics, Camps, Private Lessons and Stafford Golf School are all taught in this manner. Brander is married to his wife Tracey and has two step children Jacob and Elena. Together they have a toddler named Aidan. Brander also has three children from his first marriage, Susanne, Wil and Lorraine and one grandchild Vera Grace.

Brander's focus and passion as a Golf Professional is in teaching golf. Brander's best round at Heritage Hills is a 72. Other hobbies, when not golfing, include tennis, watching golf, hockey and baseball. He is also the Golf Coach at York Catholic High School.

Dave Fengfish - PGA Golf Instructor

Dave Fengfish

Dave Fengfish has been a PGA Teaching Golf Professional at Heritage Hills Golf Resort since its inception in 1987!

Rich Updike - Assistant Golf Professional

Rich Updike

A graduate of the Golf Course Management program at YTI, Rich is entering his fourth year as a golf professional at Heritage Hills. He loves teaching children about golf and sharing his love for the game with his client. Call Rich today to set up your lessons.

To contact the Pro Shop or for more information about our golf intstruction packages please call 877-782-9752.

Golf Tips

To increase accuracy on any shot the saying "aim small, miss small" comes in to play. When hitting a shot be sure to pick a target and then find something a foot or two in front of your ball that lines up with your target.  Now you do not have to stress over where you are aimed and you can just focus on a target a few feet in front of you.