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Heritage Hills Golf Resort
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Golf Tournaments


Heritage Hills Golf Course offers various in house tournaments throughout the golf season.

Featured tournaments include:

  • Scrambled Eggs & Kegs
  • Heritage Hills Ryder Cup
  • Ultimate 18 Hole Tournament at Springwood
  • Memorial Day Tournament
  • Red, White & Blue Tournament
  • Labor Day Tournament
  • 8" Cup

Heritage Hills’ 8” Cup Tournament

Date: October 31, 2015
Cost: $65 ($20 for Members)


  • Tee times starting at 7:15AM
  • ​2 Person Scramble Event
  • Heritage Hills’ most difficult pin locations
  • Handicap must be greater than or equal to a combined 10
  • Handicap equals 1/2 of the lowest handicap player and 1/4 of the highest

Tournament Results

Golf Tips

Many good players try to kill tee shots but when doing so they thrust their hips at the ball it causes them to drastically miss shots both right and left.  Drop your right foot back some so that the toe of your back foot is even with the heel of your front foot.  Practice hitting balls with this stance while gradually moving your right foot back to its original position.  This will help you hit the ball further and  quiet your hips.