Heritage Hills Golf Resort
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Driving Range


While it is weather dependent, the Driving Range is normally open early-April through mid-November each year. 

The Driving Range closes in mid-November for AvalancheXpress Snow Tubing season.


Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday:  8:00AM – 6:00PM

Saturday - Sunday: 7:00AM - 6:00PM


Range Ball Rental:

There is no cost to use the Driving Range; however, range balls must be rented for use on the range. Range balls are available to rent in the Pro Shop.

  • Small Bucket (approximately 35 balls) for $5.00
  • Medium Bucket (approximately 70 balls) for $8.00
  • Large Bucket (approximately 105 balls) for $12.00

Most Driving Range customers bring their own clubs.  Heritage Hills Golf Resort has a limited selection of clubs that may be rented for use ($2.50 per club) on the Driving Range.


Driving Range Rules:

  • Please be courteous of other people using the Driving Range.
  • Range balls and buckets are the property of Heritage Hills Golf Resort and may not be taken from the Driving Range.
  • No smoking in the area of the Driving Range mats. 
  • In accordance with PLCB Regulations no outside alcohol may be consumed at Heritage Hills Golf Resort.  Beverages from our Pubs may be taken out to the Driving Range as long as they are in cans or plastic cups. No glass bottles or glasses allowed on the Driving Range.


Please direct any questions to the Heritage Hills Golf Resort Pro Shop at (717) 755-0123, ext. 1663.

Golf Tips

When hitting out of a fairway bunker with a good lie, there is actually very little one has to change when hitting the golf ball.  Just keep your lower body stable through impact, and you shouldn't have to change your club selection either.