Heritage Hills Golf Resort
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An 18 Hole Championship Golf Course


York County is known for rolling green landscapes. Golf enthusiasts who play here enjoy over 15 private and public golf courses. The Heritage Hills Course is recognized as a  favorite. 

Heritage Hills Golf Course 

Heritage Hills Golf Course is perfect for both the mental and physical golfer. This course is a classic course designed to test experienced players and casual players alike with its beautifully maintained fairways, native shrubbery and cool waterways. The greens are the backdrop to this 18-hole championship course spread across nearly 6500 yards of rolling terrain. Contact the Pro Shop at (717) 755-0123 Ext. 1663.  Download the Heritage Hills score card.

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Course Policies

USGA Rules Govern All Play - Except where modified by a local rule

Dress Code

No printed t-shirts, tank tops, tennis shorts or cut-off denim jeans. Collared shirts are preferred but non-collared dress t-shirts are appropriate. Only women are allowed to don a sleeveless top. When in doubt, common sense is the best judge. Only non-metal spikes please. 


Rake sand traps, replace divots, and repair balls marks. Be respectful of other players on the course. Slower players let quicker players play through. Play ready-golf when necessary to speed play. 


Not permitted on the course. 

Golf Tips

Many good players try to kill tee shots but when doing so they thrust their hips at the ball it causes them to drastically miss shots both right and left.  Drop your right foot back some so that the toe of your back foot is even with the heel of your front foot.  Practice hitting balls with this stance while gradually moving your right foot back to its original position.  This will help you hit the ball further and  quiet your hips.