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About Us

The History of our Unique Resort

It was just one small idea in the grand scheme of things for a group of local successful businessmen when Windows on the Green opened in March of 1989 (now known as oak.). In July of 1989, our 18-hole championship golf course opened to the public. Several years following in February 1997, a 104-room luxury hotel complete with meeting space and day spa was constructed. We have created a distinctive resort environment offering productive meeting spaces, comfortable overnight accommodations, luxurious banquet facilities, and challenging activities; this inspiration is now known as “Heritage Hills Golf Resort,” where a great room with 18 views is just the beginning.

The resort’s history evolves around a statuesque oak tree that graces our golf course. Selecting the oak as the logo for our resort, Heritage Hills architect Russell Roberts designed the course with the preservation of this century old tree in mind. It is felt that this oak symbolizes the strength and integrity of York County – a witness if you will, to the many generations who have dedicated their lives to working this soil and enjoying its bounty.

The land on which our tree stands was known as the Edgemount Farm. The former owners have over seventy years of memories of this one hundred-foot high oak with its branches spanning over 100 feet. Many hours of challenging activities were experienced in the shade of this tree which was also used by the Guernsey herds for shelter. Time however had finally taken its toll on this old oak. This grand beauty, standing 12’ tall above our 17th green, was carved into a golfer appropriately named Woody. The statue is currently being restored but will return soon to oversee the course. It is our hope that the decision to develop this area into the golf resort that exists today will preserve the ideals of the people who worked this historic land.

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